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Like the icon-sharers of olde...

Icon Sharing!
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This is fun little place where you can share any and every icon that interests you. Whatever it is, we want to see it!

When you post icons based on a certain band, movie, game, etc, that intrest will be added to xiconxsharingx's intrests!

- If there are more than three icons or large images in your post, they must be behind a cut.
- If there is explicit content please put it behind the cut and warn the community members in your post.
- If a user states that he or she doesn't want people to take their icons, please respect their wishes. Also, if they ask you to credit, please do so. It's just polite.
- No flaming, bashing, etc.
- To make things more user-friendly, please tag your posts.
- Feel free to promote your community in your posts, and feel free to promote us whenever you want :)

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a little princess, alanna, amy lee, anastasia, anette olzon, ani difranco, aristocats-lain, at world's end, avatar: the last airbender, avenged sevenfold, back to the future, batman beyond, batman: the animated series, battlestar galactica, beauty and the beast, beijing, berserk, bonnie tyler, boston, bullshit, cannon, castle in the sky, christina aguilera, coldplay, cristina scabbia, death cab for cutie, death star, digimon, drama, easter, emilie autumn, emily browning, emma, evanescence, fables, final fantasy x, final fantasy xii, firefly, floor jansen, foo fighters, friends, frou frou, fushigi yuugi, garbage, genitorturers, gilmore girls, gnarls barkley, goldfish, green day, grey's anatomy, grrr argh, gummy bears, gwen stefani, harry potter, hell, hermione, heroes, house, howl's moving castle, icon sharing, icons, internet, janis joplin, jennifer morrison, jennifer saunders, joseph linsner's dawn, keira knightley, kel, kero-chan, killers, kingdom hearts, kristen bell, kurt halsey, land before time, laputa, league of extraordinary gentlemen, lindsay lohan, lion king 2, llamas, london, lord of the rings, lost, love, lyrics, metallica, modest mouse, movies, music, my chemical romance, my ruin, naruto cosplay, nicki clyne, ninjas, no doubt, oasis, one tree hill, ottawa, paris, peter pan, pink, pirates of the carribean, pride & prejudice, protector of the small, quotes, ranma 1/2, regina spektor, rome, saliva, sandman, serenity, shakespeare, sharing, simone simons, sin city, sleeping beauty, spirited away, star wars, stars, stock, superman, superman returns, sydney, tamora pierce, teen titans, the all-american rejects, the killers, the lion king, the little mermaid, the sharing of icons, the veronicas, the wizard of oz, tin man, titan a.e., tori amos, treasure planet, v for vendetta, veronica mars, video games, wii, x, zhang zi yi, zooey deschanel